My first book talk as a new author.

When I started promoting my book, I expected to eventually get invited to speaking engagements and interviews.  This wasn’t something that I thought was going to happen for months or years.  I’ve researched how much work marketing a book can be and I have no illusions about how far along I am in my new career as an author.

As a teacher, I’ve been especially cautious to not make a big deal about my book to anyone at my school.  I’ve had teachers and professors who were published and made sure everyone knew it.  Not only would they self-promote during class, they would push their books on their students, which I always considered a gross abuse of power and influence.

Then, one day in December, a teacher at my school came up to me and asked whether I’d be interested in speaking to his class about my book and how I published it.  He felt that his kids don’t see value in the process of writing and would benefit from the experience of talking to an author.   I couldn’t say no.

I was a little nervous when the day came.  It isn’t like I have a problem speaking in front of a crowd, but this was the first time I had to fill thirty minutes solely about the book and being an author.  Fortunately, the kids were easy on me.  They prepared questions and asked to see my website.  They were particularly interested in how I set up the price and payment through Amazon.  When it was over, the teacher took a photo of me with the class and the kids were enthused with the book and with writing in general.

This is the photo taken by the classroom teacher.  I blurred the students' faces because they are minors.

This is the photo taken by the classroom teacher. I blurred the students’ faces because they are minors. Please pay no attention to the chalk marks on my clothes. As a teacher, I’ve come to expect that as an occupational hazard.

Along with this picture, this class gave me a letter, signed by each student, that read:

Dear Mr. Kleckner,

Thank you for coming to our classroom today and talking to us about your new book.  It was very interesting hearing about how you became an author and published your own book. We look forward to reading it and we would like to invite you back soon and hear from you about your next publication.

Best wishes,

Room 126


All in all, the talk went well.   One young lady even tried to buy a copy off of me right then and there.  I immediately thought about all of the professors I’d had in the past who would have gladly taken the money.

I left it for them, signed with my best wishes.


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