The $1000 Pledge – January Update

Well, we are well on our way to reaching the $1000 donation goal.

Phase One is complete

In January, I got the approval of MCCNY’s Homeless LGBTQ Youth Services to publicize my pledge to their organization.  This was a critical step, because, without their support, this whole process would have fallen apart.  I have already begun sending out messages rallying support for the cause and have seen some great feedback.  This is, however, only the beginning.

Onto Phase Two: Raising Money

Oh yeah, I have to raise money.  One thousand dollars is a lot for me to scrape together on my own, but not impossible.  The benefit of raising money through book sales is that it helps me spread awareness as well as achieve my goal of giving a substantial donation at the end of the year.

The days in January were spent setting up the relationship between me and MCCNY.  Even so, I’ve already seen a boost in sales and that is a positive sign.

One-twelfth of 2013 is already over and a lot can happen in eleven months.

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