Why Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writing is Important

The genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction are more than just about escape.  Artistic distance allows people who work in the fantastic to parody or critique the changes we see in our world. The idea is similar to why a comedian with a sock puppet can speak harsher truths than a politician or a pope. Sometimes we need to be shocked into seeing the bizarre nature of our world.

The view from the outside gives us a hard look at ourselves and our history.  For example, our access to technology has grown far faster than our maturity as a race, either emotionally or spiritually.

Looking ahead, countless Science Fiction and Fantasy books depict the plausible extremes of where our misuse will lead.  iRobot is a classic example of this.

Looking back, we’ve been able to process the damage we’ve already done.  The whole Godzilla franchise is rooted in the horrors committed during the atomic age.

Find the fantastic in the mundane.  We live in a world of extremes.  The problem for most authors is that the fantastic has become so commonplace that it may be difficult to recognize it when you see it, even if it is something that you are reading that first had to travel through space.

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