The $1000 Pledge – April Update

If you’re reading this and you know nothing about my $1000 donation goal to @MCCNewYork Homeless LGBT Youth Services, click here to catch up.

April was a killer month for the book.  During a two-day free promotion, Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan hit #1 in Historical Fantasy and Mythology and reached over 8000 readers.    Once again, this was a free promotion, but the exposure boosted sales and we received our 2oth review on Amazon, now averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars!

Amazon KDP Select

Being exclusive to Amazon gives nobodies like me access to promotional avenues that aren’t available at other book-selling sites.  For example, the free promotion that gave away over 8000 copies of the book also drove legitimate sales that eclipsed January, February, and March combined.


The next book in the Captain James Hook series is on schedule.  I am now 37,000+ words into the first draft and reset the plot in a new outline.  I’ve decided that October 31st will be my yearly release date.  With any luck, I’ll be able to increase the frequency of the books I write in the coming years, but for now I kind of like the sound of a Halloween book launch.

WHere the money is going

The $1000 pledge is growing each month.  April was just the kind of break I was hoping for and I’m looking forward to what May will bring.  The weather is nice now, but winter 2013 is closer than any of us want to think about and forward is the only way to go.

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