The $1000 Pledge – May Update

STOP! If you know nothing about my $1000 donation goal to @MCCNewYork Homeless LGBT Youth Services, click here.

May was a banner month for Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan, which has now reached over 12,000 readers.  The book has received over 30 reviews on Amazon, still averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars!

meeting the goal

The profits from April and May will be a major contributor the $1000 donation goal.  However, we’re not there yet.  The first quarter of the year was slow, but the second quarter of 2013, leading up to the one year anniversary of the book’s first release, has shown progress and promise.


The Captain James Hook trilogy is mapped out and on an accelerated schedule.  Book Two is at 50,000 words and is nearly ready to be honed into something readable.  Book Three is loosely plotted and will be drafted over the summer.  I am still looking for a fall release, but my ambitions have changed.  Both Book Two and Book Three will be released before the end of 2013.  As with everything that I think I can do, once I realize I can do it, I want to do more of it and at a greater frequency.


This week, I talked with someone else who is also producing material that he is publishing and marketing himself.  He used the expression of a “rubber-necked giraffe” to describe the idea of being discovered by a consumer because they looked back at your body of work after finding one of your items.  The model only works if you have more than one thing to offer.  Whether it is books, music, or photos, a constant stream of quality output is necessary to succeed.

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