There’s a part of me that refuses to move forward unless I have some solid ground to root my understanding.

So when I tried to write and draw my own comic half a decade ago, I insisted on some basis for the characters’ energy output.

Superman runs on solar radiation.
Wolverine has mutated genes.
My characters commanded Zero-point energy.

Now I immediately recognized that the title “Zero-point Energy” would invite immediate ridicule, so I used the German Nulpunktenergie as the title for the series.

Naturally, I had no concept of what this ground state of energy is or what it could do.  (I’m still fuzzy, to tell you the truth.)  I did not research the idea particularly well at the time.  I also focused on my drawing and neglected to write the series well for dialogue, which resulted in lines such as “We heal faster than we can claw!” (Ugh.)

Nulpunktenergie was a terrible and amazing exercise in writing and I wouldn’t be as confident in my current work now if I didn’t create this junk in my twenties.  It was fun to draw my ideas out and use familiar settings in Perth Amboy and Washington D.C., but the series was more fantasy than it was science fiction, as seen in the graph below.

Nulpunktenergie Chart

Watch the horrible train wreck that is Nulpunktenergie below (or, you know, spare yourself).  I apologize again for bringing it into the world, especially the sub-heading (Tryptych Warrior?) and the music I put in the background of the YouTube videos.  If you actually like it and want to see the full comic pages, you can check them out on my DeviantArt page.

I promise I’ll spend more time figuring out time dilation and near light speed travel for my upcoming space saga.  And, yes, it will be better written.

Nullpunktenergie000_Book One Cover


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