So you have a story and you are at a crossroads with what to do with it.  You can…

  1. Self-publish it and take on all of publishing responsibility yourself.
  2. Hide it away in a desk so that no one can ever judge it.
  3. Hold your friends and family hostage and read it to them when you are drunk.

The list goes on and considering that I’ve done all of them before, I decided to go a different route this time.

Magazine Submission

A magazine?  I thought you were all about the self-publishing revolution!

Well, yes, that is true.  I am also all about getting honest feedback, making money, and being seen by an audience.  Not only that, but I am also all about the idea that an author should spend the majority of his or her time writing.

Which Magazine to Choose?

This is the hard part.  There are so many magazines and online publishers that you not only risk being ripped off, but you could insult a group of legitimate publishers with your ignorance.

The easiest way to avoid this is to do the research before you submit anything.  It also doesn’t hurt to read the latest edition of whichever magazine you’re querying.

Find a publisher that matches the type of story you are trying to sell.  This is the most basic I can state it.  For my story, I chose the Sanitarium Magazine, which specializes in horror and dark fiction.

Other publishers are on my list if they decide that the story is not for them, but they seem like a great fit for this story and it is best not to submit the same story to multiple magazines at the same time.  What may seem like a great time-saver for you is really a huge insult for them if you pull a story that they had hopes of publishing because you got an offer elsewhere.

People remember that type of thing.

Wish me luck!


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