So I got this tweet and couldn’t resist.

The timing was perfect.  I had a sci-fi story in my back pocket ready to be let out.  Not only that, but I am in a phase of trying new things.  My last post was about submitting to a genre magazine, which is out of my comfort zone of self-publishing.  Entering a story contest is right up there with that in the “something new” category.

The process was simple:

  1. Investigate the contest and the site.
  2. Upload a story in their editor.
  3. Promote it with my readers.  (This is where you come in.)

The stories are ranked by reader votes, which are tallied by how many people click on the little heart icon.  As of this post, Fix has 13 votes and is ranked at 17 out of 191 contestants.  This is a good start, but I feel that it can do better before the contest closes on July 27th.

Fix on Inkitt

Reading is free!  Voting is free!  It is a full story at 12,000+ words and I have little doubt that, with your support, it will do well.  Reviews would also be great, but the hearts are where it is at!

Please help spread the word about the story and, for the second time this week, wish me luck!


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