The summer is nearing its end and I am looking back at how I spent the time before school starts on September 1st.  I did a few projects around the house and took a few day trips with my wife and daughter around New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  We binge-watched “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and a few other shows.

And I worked on my writing because that is what I do when I don’t have to do anything.  I find work.


Covers & Website

Fiverr has been a great help in making this relaunch happen.  I wanted a whole new look to go with the feel that these titles deserved.  Both covers have a more intense and foreboding vibe, which is awesome.

  Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan CJHaTheSiegeofNeverland

In addition, I used the graphic theme from the covers to update the books’ landing page and interiors.  Check it out at or read more about my dealings with Fiverr here.

The Audiobook

Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan is available on Audible and iTunes.  The process was incredibly easy and I recommend trying it out.  But before you do, you should retweet this post from our voice actor, David Stifel!

You can read more about my adventures in creating an audiobook with ACX here.

Magazine Submissions & Contests

My short dark fantasy series starter, Adversary, is out for review now by Samhain Publishing.  They take a few weeks to get back to authors with any update, so you’ll find out when I do.  This is great, because I already finished the second story in this series while I was waiting.  You can check out my first rejection emails and my rationale for why they don’t bother me here.

My short sci-fi space saga starter, Fix, did well in Inkitt’s “Beyond Time” contest.  It collected a top 10% of votes from readers, but did not win any prizes.  After publicly posting it on the site, I cannot submit it to many of the magazine publishers.  This means that I will probably self-publish it after the next two episodes are done.  In the meantime, you can read Fix here for free.

The August Crash

I took the last two weeks of August off to reset and I’m mostly recharged now.  I just need a few more days…


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