When was the last time you read the terms and conditions for publishing on Amazon?

The Around86 team on Fiverr has and they understand the implications.

Cited from their Fiverr gig description…

Before you venture furthermore, please take 5 minutes and read  the following Amazon guidelines about obtaining reviews

Over 90% of people are doing exactly what is written above and guess what will happen? Their book and or their account will get banned. This is not a matter of question if its going to happen rather when its going to happen. STOP doing this if you don’t want to undermine all your hard work.  

Here is what you can expect from our service:

  • LEGIT process while obtaining reviews by strictly following Amazon TOS
  • we will contact REAL PEOPLE (who will actually read your book) and ask them to provide an honest unbiased review
  • general or targeted (depending on book niche) reviewers list for your own usage
  • satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!!!

Buying this gig does not buy reviews.  This team is paid to contact bloggers and reviewers who regularly read and review books.  It’s like having a marketing arm on your staff for cheap.

I’ve been an advocate of using Fiverr for several months now and have tried other book promotion gigs.  None produce the same results in terms of sales and reviews as the one offered by Around86.

And in the end, aren’t sales and reviews the only metrics that matter?


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