I asked myself this question quite a bit over the last year.

Why bother learning something new while working a full time job and writing a new series?

The practical answer was easy.  Being an educator, I had an itch to learn something that I didn’t already know.

The Project:  My first book with Jeremy Marshall needed a new cover to enhance sales. 

The Ask:  $350 in 30 days.

The project succeeded and, through this process, I learned what works and what doesn’t.  Soon, I’ll be launching a new project for a new series.

In the meantime, here’s my list of backers for this project.  They have my thanks and will all receive their rewards in May.  Giovanna Kleckner (my mom, who gave cash that had to be channeled through my wife’s account), Alicia Marott, Josh Tims, Sean Quinn, Larry Stanfield, Joe Munkyung, Sunday Smith, Miriam Clifford, and Amanda ivie




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