Being a teacher, it is hard for me to give up the pursuit of knowledge.  I just have that itch to continually push myself, especially when it is in an area that I know nothing about.  The following are the two biggest lessons I’ve learned about book selling this year so far.

Lesson One – An Email List is Necessary

Most email marketers are insincere goons.  You know the type.  There’s an email with a seemingly free offer.  You click on it and are taken to some random site asking for your credit card.

The problem was that I needed to invest in creating a less sleazy way of communicating with readers in an email list.  Instead of baiting with a free sample and switching to a paid product, I use a double confirmation email that sends people to a folder with free downloadable review and beta reader copies of books that were either already released or will be released soon.

The goal of my list is to invite people to engage in a back and forth and inform them about book-signing events and new releases.  (There will be several of both in the coming months.)  If you want to be kept up to date through my email list, click here.   


Lesson Two – It Takes Money to Make Money

My first Kickstarter campaign funded a new book cover for Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan.  It was a small ask at only $350, but now that I’ve launched a second campaign for The Tome of Testaments series, I’m using what I learned to avoid my initial mistakes.

First, I used an edited image for the banner and shot a better quality video.

Second, my pitch got a lot better.  Devour Lovecraft? Miss shows like Buffy and Angel? Help launch this action-packed dark urban fantasy set in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ

Finally, I made the rewards far more appealing.  People need to feel like they are getting something of value for their investment.  Below are the bottom three cheapest pledge points.

If you want to be a part of the The Tome of Testaments campaign, or if you just want to learn how Kickstarter works, check it out here.

More to Come

No doubt, there will be more lessons for me to learn this year.  It is only May, after all.  What have you learned about book-selling that you didn’t know in 2015?




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