The Release

Adversary evolved over the last two years from a short story into the pilot episode of a long, long series.  Over that time, it has undergone seven rewrites, four covers, and six series title reimaginings.  Along with Beast, the second episode in The Tome of Testaments, Adversary has come a long way and is now available at online book stores and retailers.

Danny Brook

I first saw Danny Brook’s art back in December 2015. By that time, I had already written rough drafts of Adversary and Beast and knew the tone I wanted when it came time to release the series out into the world. I contacted the artist and worked out an arrangement. Now his art is in the print versions of each book.  Check out Danny Brook’s FB Page for more original art.

Book-Sellers and Review Sites

The goal of every author is to sell their books, but I’m all about reviews.  There will be many more titles in this series and a solid review rating for the first two books would be a great start in assuring that this series goes the distance.  Happy reading.

Adversary links… (Ebook = Free or Amazon Price Matched to Free)
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