“Not a Vampire” by Jeremiah Kleckner

“Not a Vampire” is a 3000-word short story about an immortal creature who looks after its most aggressive adversary in his advancing years. It’s a generally sad story peppered with some dry humor, which should be familiar to anyone who has had to care for an elderly family member.

Published in Speculative North Magazine Issue 2: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror


Amazon Description: Speculative North is a magazine of high-quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories with an international scope and regional Canadian focus. Issue #2 includes: “Bathwater Mermaid”, by Avra Margariti; “Not a Vampire”, by Jeremiah Kleckner; “Vat Life”, by Franco Amati; “Turtle Hatchlings”, by Victoria Feistner; “Nominative Determination”, by Maureen Bowden; “Restraint”, by John Mavin; “To Sift the Sacred”, by Brian Rappatta; “Witching”, by Erin Kirsh; “Star Trip(tych)”, by M.X. Kelly. Non-fiction content includes an interview with fantasy author Scott Thrower.

Read “Not a Vampire” by Jeremiah Kleckner

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