The $1000 Pledge – February Update

Off to a great start

February was a great start to reaching my $1000 donation goal to @MCCNewYork Homeless LGBT Youth Services.   Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan has been receiving a good amount of reviews and ratings, but I am far from done.

Diversify the Marketplace

One of the first steps I took was to diversify the marketplace where the book was available.  Since June of 2012, the book was only on Amazon.   At the end of January, I moved it to Barnes and Noble, Createspace, Kobo, and Smashwords.  Thirty days later, however, I’m finding that 90% of the sales still come from Amazon.   I’m keeping this system going for March and reassessing at the end of the month.

Marketing the Product

Goodreads is a book networking site.   It allows you to post, rate, and comment on books and authors.   A new feature they offer to people who have an author account is self-service advertising.   In February, I bought advertising and targeted it to readers of Historical Fantasy.   When clicked, the link sent people to the Goodreads landing page.   The results were good and many people added the book to their virtual shelves.   Moving forward in March, I’m going to buy another round and direct those who click on the link to the book’s page on this site.  The hope is that people will see the pledge information in the right margin and read more about how they can help.

Exposure for All is a site that sends out tweets for you to their hundreds of thousands of followers.   It costs less than $15 for ninety posts that are spread out over several days.   In order to maximize the exposure of this campaign, I input the list of tweets I wrote on the original pledge page.

Moving Forward

January and February went by so quickly that it is hard to believe that the next update will also be the first quarter report.  I’m looking forward to learning as much in March as I have each month since deciding to self-publish.   Help out by spreading the message of this pledge and the great work that MCCNY does for homeless LGBT youth.

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