Use Adobe InDesign CS6 to Format Your Book Interior

The Price of Self-Publishing

There are many skills an author simply doesn’t have.  I am not a graphic artist, so I pay for book cover design.  I cannot objectively review my own work, so I pay for an editor and abuse my friendships.

When it came to designing my paperback book interior for Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan, however, I found that Adobe InDesign for CS6 was easy to figure out.  There was a time in which I thought that my word processing software had the capabilities to format a book interior.  I was wrong in the way all amateurs and novices are with their first book.

The typical price for a professional to do your book interior ranges from $379-$700, depending on where you look.  The advantages are that you don’t have to do much aside from answer a few questions about the overall theme of the book.  They’ll churn it out and have it back for you in a couple of days.  There are many advantages to this and, if you have the money, I suggest that you pay.


Adobe InDesign for CS6 costs between $350-$400.  It is easy to learn and is cost-effective if you plan on publishing several titles before you expect to make any money.  This is doubly true for me, since 98% of my book sales are digital, not print.  The only reason I want a paperback book is as a business card for future work.

Book Sample

Here is a two-chapter sample of the book as it is now:  Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan – Sample Formatted.  It includes the front matter, two chapters, an about the authors page, and a call to action.  There are some notable oddities to it when you look at it as a .pdf, though.  For example, blank pages are inserted for spacing so that the writing starts on the appropriately-numbered page.

Get Help

Here are some great sites that tell you how to use Adobe InDesign to create your book interior.  These are the resources that I use after a week of hunting and pecking for the best advice. InDesign Tutorial: Designing the inside pages of a book , Book Layout in InDesign How to Layout a Book in InDesignBook Interior File Formatting.

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