Some gifts keep on giving.  The same can be said for partners who continue to enrich your professional life weeks and months after your initial meeting.

Case in point: Voice Actor David Stifel

For those of you who remember, Jeremy and I were involved in an ACX promotion this past summer in which we auditioned voice actors.  David Stifel was the clear choice based on the strength of his audition alone, but he didn’t stop there.  Not only did he produce an outstanding audiobook version of our first novel, he has promoted it fiercely ever since.

And now he has done it again.

David participated in The SFFaudio Podcast #357 – READALONG: Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan by Jeremiah Kleckner and Jeremy Marshall (Site Link, iTunes Link)

He and the host of the podcast went into detail for an hour, unlocking many of the “Easter Eggs” that we purposely hid in the book honestly expecting that they’d never be uncovered.

Granted, much of what I believe regarding Peter Pan can be found on my most frequently visited post, Proof that Peter Pan is an Abusive, Child-Murdering Sociopath.

Even so, their analysis of Hook, Smee, Blackbeard, and a myriad of other topics was so involved and on point, that this episode is a “must listen” for any fan of the novel.

Check it out and let SFFAudio know what you think. (Site Link, iTunes Link)

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